Sunday Morning Prayer 12 14 2014

Holy God,
Giver of ALL good gifts,
It’s difficult to believe that Christmas is just 10 days away. So much to do between now and then. And yet the most important things that we can do and should do are the easiest of all to accomplish; and would be the most meaningful.

To sit in the silence. To pray to you. To lift up all of our friends and relatives to your care. To sit in the silence. To contemplate this gift that we receive each Advent in the waiting and preparing; each Christmas in the celebration of new light and new life.

Your love for creation is such a tangible gift, dear God, when we sit in the quiet and give you our undivided attention.

O Holy One, your love casts out all that is evil. If each and everyone of us would allow you into our hearts and minds the world would be such a safer place.

We feel your love in the air, mixing and mingling with icy bluster and skittering snow flakes.

Thank you, dear One, for all that we become through your love for us; through our love for you; through the love that fills our hearts and brims over into a world that can be so torn and troubled.

You bless us everyday with love and forgiveness. We hungrily ask for more blessings as we lift up to you those on our hearts who need you to be near them. Be also with those who celebrate. Hear their names and our hopes and dreams….


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