Preparing Room

Robin LaBolt writes about our struggles with forgiveness reminding us that by holding onto anger we hurt others and ourselves. Advent is a great time to let go of unforgiving feelings; the world needs more love.


If I had to guess, I think most folks would expect that since I’m a pastor I practice what I preach.  Let’s just say, I try.  I’m not so different from the folks who sit in the pews Sunday after Sunday.  I’m human and I’m imperfect.  Shocking, I know.  I struggle with all the same things everyone else does, including forgiveness.

The good people, let me correct that, the awesome, faithful people I serve, have heard me preach many times about forgiveness. Jesus teaches us to forgive seventy times seven and to turn the other cheek after all. And from time to time after one of those sermons, I have had someone approach me and tell me they feel like a bad Christian because they are struggling to forgive what seems to them (and me sometimes) the unforgivable.  Their stories of pain wrench at my heart and there are times when all I can say is, “Dear God.”  They want…

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